Global Medical Escort Service

Global Retrieval Services

We offer a bed to bed commercial evacuation/repatriation service, which includes the provision of appropriate specialist medical team, medical equipment, medications in flight, booking of airfares, application for medical clearance from the airline and arranging of ground transfers including ambulances.

Pre-Approval To Fly

All airlines require a medical clearance form to be completed before a passenger with a medical condition can fly. Our team can assist with this process; generally advanced notification of 24 – 72 hours is required before the flight to ensure clearance.

Use of Medical Equipment

In-flight use of medical equipment must first be accepted by the medical department of each airline, who review the specifications and manufacturer of each device. All our equipment is FAA approved and accepted by most airlines.

Use of Oxygen

Supplemental oxygen may be necessary to compensate for the decrease in cabin oxygen levels. The airline can provide limited oxygen in flight, and our service can provide portable oxygen concentrators. We will assist in determining the most appropriate option for your medical transport needs.

Business Class or Stretcher

Commercial repatriation via business or first class is an excellent viable option for patients who can sit during take-off and landing, require a low level of interventions and are clinically stable.

Business-class is required to allow for sufficient room for the escort to provide monitoring and any necessary interventions throughout the flight.

Commercial stretcher transport is a safe, cost-effective solution for repatriation of those patients that clinically qualify. Our team can arrange through selected commercial airlines for a stretcher to be fitted into the aircraft to allow us to care for a patient inflight without the need for a private air ambulance.

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