Our Commitment

Mission Statement

At NZAAS our focus is on clinical and aviation excellence 

Dispatching the right team, with the right assets, at the right time

Delivering equitable healthcare solutions for all patients and whanau 

Raising the standards, investing in innovation and technology to deliver a turn-key world-class aeromedical service

Our Initiatives

New Zealand Air Ambulance Service are proud to be certified to the NZS8156 Ambulance and Paramedical Standard, the New Zealand Aeromedical and Air Rescue Standard, ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Standards. New Zealand Air Ambulance Service was the first certified Aeromedical service provider in New Zealand and is currently the only aeromedical provider with an ISO14001 Certified Environmental Management System.

These certifications demonstrate our world-class capabilities and show our service is independently accredited by a national regulatory body as continuing to meet and exceed the highest levels of Aeromedical certification available. This gives our patients the peace of mind they need to feel safe in aeromedical care.

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